8th Privacy Enhancing Techniques Convention (PET-CON 2018.1)

Thank you for attending PET-CON 2018.1. Please consider attending PET-CON 2018.2 in Hamburg.



April 19th/20th 2018: PET-CON 2018.1 in Berlin



Do, 19.4.18 ab 12:00

Lunch Day One

"Die Eins"

Wilhelmstraße 67A, 10117 Berlin


Do, 19.4.18 ab 13:00


Einstein Center Digital Future

Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin


Do, 19.4.18 ab 19:00


Ristorante Porta-Nova

Robert-Koch-Platz 12, 10115 Berlin


Fr, 20.4.18 ab 9:00/10:00 (it depends I guess)


Einstein Center Digital Future

Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin


Fr, 20.4.18 ab 12:00

Lunch Day Two

Cum Laude

Platz der Märzrevolution, 10117 Berlin




Lunch-Location: Restaurant "Die Eins" http://www.dieeins-restaurant.de im ARD-Hauptstadtstudio am Reichstagsufer, Wilhelmstraße 67a, 10117 Berlin


Seminar-Location: Robert-Koch-Forum (a.k.a. "ECDF Headquarters"), Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin




Journey / Accommodation: The Robert-Koch-Forum is roughly 15min by foot from the main station. There are some hotels around the main station (Ibis, Motel One) or the more extraordinaty "Arte Luise Kunsthotel Berlin" which is closer to the location.



* Registration: until 6th April 2018

* Submission for peer review: until 6th April 2018

* Workshop: 19th/20th April 2018



We invite you to attend PET-CON 2018.1 -- the eighth convention in Germany in the area of Privacy Enhancing Techniques. PET-CON brings together students (B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD), junior researchers, privacy activists and other interested people to discuss work in progress. PET-CON is organized by the PET interest group of the German Computer Science Society (GI). Previous PET-CONs took place at University of Hamburg, University of Regensburg, TU Dresden, TU Darmstadt, RWTH Aachen, Goethe University Frankfurt and Hamburg University.

PET-CON is a very informal gathering. The workshop consists of short contributed talks (10-15 minutes) followed by extensive feedback and discussions (up to 45 minutes). For instance, students can present planned, ongoing, and recently finished theses in order to receive feedback. We also accept presentations of papers that have already been published elsewhere.

There is no filtering of contributions. However, there is a voluntary submission process with peer review. Submissions should have a length of up to eight pages and be formatted using one of the common paper templates (e.g., llncs.cls). You can also attend the convention without giving a talk at all.



* abuse detection and protection

* anonymous routing

* application layer privacy

* big data and data protection

* economics of PETs

* end-user education and training

* HCI issues and usability

* intrusion detection while respecting privacy

* location privacy

* metrics for quality of protection

* mobile networks and smartphone applications

* performance optimization and measurement

* privacy in ubiquitous computing environments

* related legal issues (data protection)



The program starts after lunch at 1.00 pm of the first day and consists of short talks (15 min.), followed by discussions and breaks. We will have dinner in the evening to foster the exchange of new ideas. On the second day we continue with talks in the morning before we close the workshop at lunchtime.





If you would like to attend PET-CON, please send an e-mail to registration at pet-con dot de with the following information

* your name and affiliation

* whether you want to give a talk or not

* (optional) the title of your talk and a short abstract

* (optional) a PDF file to submit to the peer review process

* (optional) if you are willing to help in the review process and how many papers you'd review at most (1-5)

* whether you want to have lunch on day 1

* whether you want to have dinner on day 1

* whether you want to have lunch on day 2


There will be no participation fee, however you have to pay for travel and accommodation costs for yourself (or ask your professor/university for a refund). The costs for the meals will also have to be covered by each participant itself.


We plan to publish a collection of the submitted papers in electronic form on a publication server of one of the participating universities. Authors may opt-out on this.




The event is organized by

* Dominik Herrmann (University of Bamberg)

* Sebastian Pape (Goethe University Frankfurt)

* Florian Tschorsch (Technische Universität Berlin)


You can reach us via e-mail at dominik dot herrmann at uni-bamberg dot de and sebastian dot pape at m-chair dot de.